Thomas Fletcher

I'm a software developer who graduated from Bath University in July 2010 with a 'First' in Computer Science & Maths.
I do contract work and build my own websites, and my main interests are in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data.
These are some of the Websites and Facebook applications that I have created or worked on:

Live Projects:

Raiteas - Visualizes your database schema & dataflow from an uploaded SQL log file.
Recyclotron - Visualization of Bath & NE Somerset's recycling data. Built in a weekend for BathHacked hackathon.
Grammar Nazi - Get to the top of your leaderboard by correcting your friends' spelling & grammar on Facebook.
Friend Wheel - A facebook application which creates a pretty visualization of your friends and their connections.
My Connected World - A Facebook application which shows where in the world your friends live and how they are connected.
TrustCloud - A non-site-specific "User Feedback Score" which can be used on many websites.
BotBy.Me - Keep track of your reciepts and sort the products you bought into collections to share.
Stack Tunnel - 3D visualisation of live Stack Overflow questions using WebGL.
Electric Freefall - My Blog. Rarely updated.

Old Projects (May no longer work as expected):

Trend Bubbles - Animated visualisation showing trending topics & selected tweets from Twitter.
Love Matcher - A facebook app which compares two people's profiles and to calculate a percentage match.
Picture Mosaic - A facebook app which creates a mosaic of you or your friends from facebook photos.
Photo Collage - Creates a collage of you and/or your friends from photos on facebook.
Six Degrees - A facebook app which computes your path to anyone on Facebook. eg. You know Bob who knows Jim who knows Alice.

City Warfare - A game played in the real world using FourSquare data to allow you to attack and soak your friends using waterbombs around your own city.
My Older Blog - Previously updated whenever I had something to say or a link to share.
Stickman Arcade - A webcomic of computer game parodies. Ran for 2 years and has over 300 strips.
ScriptComic - Creates a comic from a playscript.
Business Inc. - A Massively Multiplayer game in which you own a business. Unfortunately not enough players every played at once to make it fun.
Legendquest - A Massively Multiplayer game in which you are an adventurer and beat up monsters. Quite good, but slow to play and never finished.
Squares Game - Get squares. Click on squares. Attack other squares. Write messages on squares. Get bored of squares. Leave.
PHPicture - An open source picture displaying script for the web.
Random Signature - Allows you to create a random signature from several uploaded images for use on forums.
Poll Land - Create and vote on polls.


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