Thomas Fletcher

Birth date: November 1987.
Location: Bath, England.
Occupation: Freelance Developer / Entrepreneur .

I was a student at Bath University studying Computer Science with Mathematics. I graduated in July 2010 with a 'First' class degree.
I now build websites and facebook applications of my own design, and also do some freelance development.
I enjoy reading (mostly fantasy and comedy), watching DVDs (usually of TV series), going out, and randomly browsing the internet. I am also currently learning to skydive on the RAPS course.
I've been making websites since I was around 14. I learnt PHP and the websites I could became much more useful, and I started to make games and sites. Over the summer of 2007 I created some Facebook applications which have become remarkably popular and sucessful- Friend Wheel imparticular has received some media attention and has had hundreds of positive reviews.

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